How to Work Out For Beginners

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How to Work Out For Beginners
How to Work Out For Beginners

Starting to workout is one of the best decisions that you have made in your life. Exercising regularly has a lot of benefits to the body and as soon as you start working out you will be able to feel the benefits both physically and mentally.

As mentioned it is not easy, it requires a lot of determination and to stick to it calls for a lot of discipline. 

There are so many exercises that a beginner can start with; aerobics, boot camps, flexibility exercises, beginner calisthenics workout among many others. The type of exercise you choose will depend on your goals.

After knowing the type of exercise that you want to do how do you work out as a beginner? In this article, we will look at a program that will help you work out effectively as a beginner.

You will start by dividing your plan into 4 sections. Each section will contain seven days i.e. one week.

How to Work Out For Beginners
How to Work Out For Beginners

Week 1 

In week one you will train the whole body. Find an exercise for each major part of the body. Do each exercise once per session. You are new in the workouts and it is likely your body will have some aches. So get a day to rest so that the body can recover. This means you will work out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only. Let all the other days be rest days. 

Week 2

In week two you will not be training the whole body each day. Split the body into two parts; upper body and lower body. Exercise each part two days in a week. Monday and Thursday train the upper body and on Tuesday and Friday train the lower part. Rest on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. In this week add more exercise to each body part.

Week 3

In this week you split the training into a three-day training split. You will s[plit the body into pushing body parts, pulling body parts and the lower body. each part will be trained twice a week. That means this week you will go to the gym for six days and only rest on Sunday. Here you will also add more exercises and more angles to do the exercises for every part of the body. 

Week 4

This is the last week of the program. You will divide the body into four parts; (chest, triceps, and calves), (legs & abs), (shoulders & calves) and (back, biceps & abs). Each part will be exercised once per session except legs and abs which will be exercised twice. Have Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday as your rest days. Do not introduce any new exercise on week four, focus on intense exercise on every body part.


Exercising as a beginner with no plan might be hard and might not show any results it is therefore important to have a good plan like the one you have read above to ensure that your workouts show results and that you will not get tired in the first week. The process must be gradual to avoid hurting yourself. 

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