Coin Grading

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The value of a particular coin is determined by the grade that it is in. Coins that are in common circulation deteriorate over time and start to lose their detail. Coin grading will help you get to the coin’s current value, and a properly graded coin will determine more accurately what the exact worth of the coin.

Coin collectors use a numbering system to give collectors an accurate measure of the condition a coin is in. This numbering system ranges between 1 and 70. “1” being the worst possible condition of a coin, and 70 meaning flawless.

The numbers tell collectors many things, like how much wear is on the coin and if there are any damaging marks on the coin. There are very few coins out there with a 70 grade on them. It is very rare, and most coins minted have flaws, even if they are ever so slight.

Grading coins is a science, and once you learn that science, putting a grade and a value on that coin will become much easier for you. Plus you will be able to accurately grade coins at auctions, coin dealers, and private collectors, so you will not get ripped off if someone is trying to sell you something at a higher price than it is worth.


So coin grading is very important in the hobby of coin collecting, and learning this practice will greatly enhance your skills in the hobby and make you much more aware or current prices and rates that certain coins are going for.

How to Grade US Coins is a great starter for hobbyists trying to learn the art of coin grading. This book will go over all the different aspects of coin grading, and all the different grades of coins. It is a great reference to any hobbyist and comes highly recommended.

Professional Coin Grading Service is a great service for those who either have had a hard time learning the fine art or need a professional grading service to grade a particularly rare coin. They also come highly recommended, and for some of your finer specimens, a professional coin grading service is the way to go, to get a more accurately graded coin.

So check out our coin grading button, and learn the different types of grades for your coins, read the recommended reading on grading your US coins, or have a professional coin grading service do the work for you. Either way, accurately having your coins graded will easily put a value on your collection, and could quite save you a lot of money in the buying of coins for your collection.

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