Why Camping is a Great Hobby!

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Bonfire Camping
Bonfire Camping

Do you like the outdoors? Do you enjoy driving to vacation destinations? Does the thought of a cool night star-gazing without sirens blaring and horns honking create an interesting daydream in your mind? Does a relaxing getaway that you could do on a weekend left you feeling refreshed and re-energized sound appealing to you? If the answers to these and other questions is “Yes”, then you just might consider camping as a hobby.

It has many great benefits and it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to get started and on your first outing. In this series, you’ll learn some of the benefits to camping, what those costs might turn out to be depending upon the level of accommodation you choose, what kind of equipment you’ll need, how to plan a trip, and many others (we are just getting started, so you never know what kind of information you’ll have access to). Let’s begin with some of the truly great things you’ll get to experience camping.

The great outdoors

Remote Tent Camping
Remote Tent Camping

Have there been days where you inside of your home or apartment (as comfortable and appealing as they are to us as humans) thinking that you’d rather be outside, but don’t have a really great reason to get out? I will agree, yard-work is not that compelling. But, if you are at your campsite and your only choice is to either be inside of the tent (no TV, microwave, or coffee-maker) the choice is easy–you spend it outside. Just spending an hour or so in a comfortable lawn chair and a good book while the birds chirp in the background and the kids play in the woods can leave one feeling refreshed.

Once you’ve made the trip, you are that much closer to the hiking trails, the fishing hole, and all of the other great outdoor activities that can be enjoyed. There is no drive to be endured (you have already done it) and you can get right to it. With all those things so close (right outside your door), it becomes easy to get out and get the exercise that you sometimes dread.

The outdoors can create an atmosphere to clear the mind and refresh one?s attitude toward life?s stresses. And since you are right there in it while camping, what better reason to get out there, enjoy all our land has to offer, and be a camper?

Spending quality time with friends and family

With all the demands on our time these days, it can be very difficult to spend quality time with those that we love most. Camping can easily create an atmosphere where that time can finally be spent.

What could be more fun and spark more interesting conversation than an hour-long marathon of UNO cards? Board games have become a thing of the past, but not when camping. You can’t carry on a good conversation during a game of Playstation, but you can during Monopoly. Without the TV and radio blaring all the depressing thoughts of the day constantly, you can enjoy those that you love most.

The hobbies within the hobby

Because camping is not necessarily a hobby in and of itself, you can enjoy other hobbies while on your excursions. If you’ve ever wanted to drop a line into the water and test your luck with the fish, camping provides the perfect venue. Mountain-biking, hiking, golf, cooking, reading, ATV-ing, the list is seemingly endless. If you enjoy it, you can probably enjoy it while camping. But, you’ll notice that those things that have much to do with the outdoor world that many of us don’t enjoy as much as we’d like are the types of things that can be enjoyed most readily.

The list of benefits and reasons that camping is highly enjoyable can go on and on.

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