How To Plan Your Travel Safely

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How to book travel

Planning to go on a holiday or perhaps to visit your favorite resort and enjoy their tantalizing breakfast and scenery? Then transporting yourself to the airport and from the airport should be on your checklist. While there is always the option of taking your car and contacting a friend to pick you up, the expenses and condition might not click. That’s why many travelers prefer to travel light and secure through excellent booking companies.

If you want to book a taxi to or from an airport terminal, here are what you should do to ensure you get an awesome experience:

  • Fill the booking form at the homepage
  • Choose the car you want
  • Add any extra conditions like a baby seat if needed
  • Confirm your booking and make payment
  • Check your email for a confirmation.

When you are booking, there is a chance of forgetting some key things. Decide if you are going to run a to and fro trip from the airport terminal. If so, there is an option to book both at once at the booking page (homepage). Also, ensure that you have specified the number of people and suitcases the car will carry.

Don’t forget to specify where the carb should pick and drop you. You can also include extra options like the driver should come with a placard to meet and greet you. After doing all these, you will be requested to key in your personal information. This request is to ensure that you can be reached if needed and to send you your voucher.

The next thing you have to do is make payment. Now, you can either pay the cash for the whole trip in advance. This action saves you from unexpected charges during the ride. However, you can also choose to pay as low as 15% in advance and the rest after the trip.

What to do if

With the changes in weather and other life variables, there is a chance for disappointment at some point in your travel. From driver not showing up at your hostel or the arrival hall, your flight been canceled or delayed, to Last minutes changes life can get in the way. Travv understands this and is here to guide you on how to manage the situation.

When Your Driver Doesn’t Show Up

Normally, at the airport, the driver will be waiting for you at the arrival hall. If in your home or hotel, he or she will stop at your meeting point. When your driver doesn’t show up as scheduled, please contact the partner firm immediately. Their contact will be on the voucher given to you. If after calling them you don’t get them for one reason or the other, go ahead and contact Travv, the booking firm.

It is wise to give your driver up to 20 minutes gap from arrival time as unforeseen challenges could face them like traffic. We advise that before leaving your pick up point that you contact your booking firm to inform us of the development. Travv will immediately try to contact the transfer partner firm on your behalf. If on the rare occasion they don’t pick up, we will organize alternate transportation quickly.

There can be moments when Travv cannot provide alternative transportation. In such occurrence, your money will be refunded you in days. However, whenever you fail to reach the transfer partner or provider, contact your booking firm. Travv is here to help you with all your ground transportation needs from start to finish.

If the flight was delayed

If you have scheduled a pick up only to discover that your flight has been delayed or canceled, contact the provider immediately. Their details will be on the voucher. If you decide not to call the provider, then you risk losing your money.

If the flight was canceled

When you discover that your flight has been canceled, it is wise to notify the transfer partner. First, you have to decide if you will be coming in with another plane at a later hour. If so, you should inform the transferring firm. In such a situation, your booking will be rescheduled. If that is the situation, contact the airport to find out if they provide bed and breakfast. That way, you don’t have to book a double trip to your hotel and back.

If the flight has been canceled, but you don’t want a reschedule, inform the transfer partner or booking firm. Based on the situation, your money can be refunded.

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