Garden Themed Crafts for Kids

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Garden Themed Crafts for Kids
Garden Themed Crafts for Kids

Fun and Easy Floral Projects

Kids of all ages love crafts, and garden-themed crafts are especially fun to create. From handprint craft foam blooms in every color of the rainbow to garden themed paper plate hats, the garden themed possibilities are virtually endless.

Consider the following garden themed crafts for kids, and whether the crafts you seek are for your kids or an entire group of kids, these garden themed crafts are easy and fun. Kids enjoy making high-quality crafts that can be used to decorate the home or to give as gifts to family and friends. They will love these garden themed creative ideas that will surely spark new ideas for garden themed crafts.

Garden Themed Craft Foam Handprints

Beautiful garden themed blooms can be made using craft foam, chenille stems, and a few simple craft supplies. Begin by having the kids trace their handprint on a sheet of craft foam in a color of their choice. Next, cut out the handprint, and make a center for the flower using a single yellow pompom of proportionate size.

Glue the pompom to the center of the craft foam cutout, and glue a green chenille stem to the back. The handprint blooms can be further embellished using sequins, tiny pompoms, or additional craft foam cutouts for a unique layered effect.

Garden Hat Crafts for Kids

One of the most beautiful garden themed crafts for kids is a garden hat made from an ordinary paper plate and faux flower heads. Begin by covering the center of the paper plate with a variety of faux flower heads. Be sure to place the largest blooms in the center and the smaller blooms around the perimeter.

Allow the glue to dry completely before handling further. Lastly, tie a coordinating satin ribbon around the cluster of flowers, and allow the ribbon ends to hang freely. If desired, the outer edge of the paper plate can be painted with latex craft paint before gluing the flowers to the center.

Garden Themed Floral Candy Dish

Garden themed craft for kids should be easy and fun, and this craft project is very easy to make and turns out looking highly impressive. Purchase clay saucers meant for potted plants, and have the kids paint the saucers with floral designs using latex paint for crafts. Allow the paint to dry completely, and seal the saucers in a well-ventilated area using spray-on gloss. Once the gloss dries, the floral candy dish saucers can be used to hold colorful wrapped candy.

Beautiful Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Gardens with blooming flowers naturally draw butterflies, and one of the most impressive garden themed crafts for kids can be made using construction paper, chenille stems, plastic craft eyes, and colorful pompoms of various sizes. Begin making the body of the garden butterfly by gluing three pompoms together.

Brown, black, or deep green are good choices. Next, glue two plastic craft eyes to the head. Carefully wrap the ends of two chenille stems around a finger to give them shape, and glue the stems to the back of the head. Lastly, create the wings using construction paper in a color of your choice.

Simply fold a piece of construction paper in half, and cut out the shape of half of a pair of butterfly wings. Open the paper to reveal two identical wings. Decorate the wings using pompoms of various colors and sizes, and glue the body to the paper wings.

These easy garden-themed crafts for kids are inexpensive, fun, and easy to make, and they are appropriate for many different age groups and skill levels. Help very young kids by cutting out the parts in advance. Also, no matter the age of the kids, make the crafts to use as examples. Delve into your creative side and come up with your own version of this fun and easy garden-themed crafts for kids.

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