The Principal Advantages of Steel Sheds

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It’s clear that more and more people are trying to install garden sheds in their backyard or replace the old, and usually too small, ones with more modern solutions.

Having a space where you can leave your tools, garden furniture, and every other thing you don’t want in your house, but don’t want to get rid of is quite useful and allows you to have a much cleaner home and garden. What’s more, it can be used as a garage for your car and bikes or a workshop where you can hone your craftsmanship skills without disturbing anyone living with or near you.

The Principal Advantages of Steel Sheds
The Principal Advantages of Steel Sheds

Initial considerations

Once you’ve established that you need a shed, your next step should be choosing the right one. This decision depends on many factors, such as the size you can fit in your garden and your budget. When you make up your mind about how big it should be and where you’ll build it, you have to decide if you’re going to use wood or steel as the material.

Although many people can only imagine having a wooden shed, there are so many advantages that steel provides that it would be unwise to discard them so easily. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent features that you might be missing.


Probably the most notable advantage of steel sheds is the fact that they don’t cost as much as their wooden counterparts. That means you can build a bigger shed, provided you have enough space, or simply spend that money on some additional feature you’d like to add. There’s a good reason why so many people are now introducing these units to their gardens, especially since steel sheds come in all shapes and sizes.


Steel sheds are delivered in lightweight packages, which means you’ll be saving on the shipping costs and you’ll find manipulating them much less stressful. This is particularly important if your garden is relatively small or cramped. Another advantage of having a lighter shed is that you can move it more easily.

The Principal Advantages of Steel Sheds
The Principal Advantages of Steel Sheds

Easy to assemble

It doesn’t take an experienced builder to put up a steel shed, but you do need the right tools and clear instructions. Some packages even come with all the equipment you need for assembling the shed, which means you don’t have to invest in some tools that you won’t need ever again.

They last longer

Despite their weight, steel sheds are surprisingly solid and don’t get damaged so easily. This is another reason why their popularity has been constantly increasing over the years. You can expect your steel shed to last for many years to come, which means your investment will pay off. Most manufacturers offer a ten- to twenty-year warranty because they are quite confident about the quality of the material, usually galvanized steel, they use in the production process.

Maintenance is almost unnecessary

Steel sheds require little or almost no maintenance whatsoever because the material provides excellent protection from the elements and rust, but you still might need to repaint it every five years or so. This is just to make sure that your shed will last longer and in the meantime, all you would need to do is occasionally hose it down.

The Principal Advantages of Steel Sheds
The Principal Advantages of Steel Sheds

Multifunctional spaces

The trend of making various spaces multifunctional and custom-made is also present here. Since no two people have exactly the same needs, it’s only logical that everyone is looking for some very specific solutions and steel garden sheds fit the bill. For example, the people behind Acura can integrate this flexibility into their designs, allowing for clear spans of up to 40m.

No need for a foundation

In most cases, steel sheds don’t need foundations, which means you won’t have to spend more money on builders and have people dig up your garden. Smaller ones are simple to assemble because they just need a flat patch of ground, but some larger units may still need foundations. If you’re not sure about whether your unit needs foundations, you should contact the manufacturer, who’ll be able to give you the answer.

Don’t worry about fire

Unlike wooden sheds, steel ones are fire retardant and can only melt, but that only happens when they are exposed to extremely high temperatures. This means that you’re highly unlikely to lose any precious item you may keep in the shed because of fire. Wooden sheds, on the other hand, can actually catch fire quite easily, while plastic ones simply melt and deform even under lower temperatures.


Most modern steel sheds feature either active or passive built-in ventilation systems, consisting of fans or openings in the roof or on the wall. It is important for the shed to be properly ventilated because that’s how you prevent the buildup of condensation, which might affect the stuff you keep in the shed.

Naturally, if you can afford it, you should purchase a unit with fans, since it’s more efficient, but even if you don’t want to spend that much money, the good, old openings will do the trick. The important thing is that there is a ventilation system.


It’s relatively easy to have reinforced hinges installed to provide extra protection against thieves, which is definitely the case with wooden and plastic sheds. You can actually choose the strength of metal structures depending on how secure you want your shed to be in terms of security. Needless to say, the thicker the metal, the better protection you have.

No-fuss renovation

If you want to give your shed a makeover, a steel shed will allow it without any problems. You can paint it using special paints and you’ll notice that the coatings are much more resilient than wood. Also, while a wooden shed needs to be painted every year, a steel one can easily go five years without the application of a new coat.

As you can see, there are quite a few advantages of having steel shed over a wooden or plastic one, even though it might not be everyone’s first choice. Still, with its price, ease of maintenance and protection, it’s quite clear that this type of shed provides better value for money.

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