6 Effective Ways to Weed Your Garden

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We know that you love your garden a lot, but sadly enough, you are not the only one who likes spending time in this lush green heaven. Especially around the summers, when the flowers are blooming at their fullest, the weeds love staying in your garden too.

Their seeds can be transmitted through different means like animals, birds, or the wind. So, if you don’t want the weeds to damage your beautiful garden any further, then, you need to follow these six ways that can effectively weed your garden.

1. Pulling them out

It surely sounds easy, but it might not be if you don’t follow certain precautionary measures. You should only pull out weeds when the soil is moist after watering or rainfall, but it shouldn’t be too wet either. Try to pull it from the base so you are able to pull out the roots as well. This method is quite efficient and does not require many tools except garden gloves. The gloves are a must to ensure you stay clean and free from any infections or allergies.

2. Covering them

One of the easiest ways to beat the weeds is to cover them so that they are unable to grow properly. This way the sunlight won’t be able to reach them and they would wither away. If you are wondering how to cover them, then the answer is quite simple: use a biodegradable newspaper and some mulch and cover the weed first by the layer of newspaper and then by mulch. It will definitely help you get rid of these unwanted plants and the moisture of soil can be used by the useful plants.

3. Combine the Garden

In order to avoid the growth of weeds, the best way is to comb the flower beds with a pitchfork. You need to make sure that the soil is loose enough for vegetation and then use the pitchfork to pierce into the soil and then put it back in place. This will help uproot any new growths or help you make out where roots lie which you can remove using your hands. This is a tried and tested method that helps remove about 90% of the weeds in your garden beforehand.

4. Trying Home Remedies

Home remedies are one of the most economical and effective ways to cure your garden of weeds. One such remedy is adding salts and dish soap into vinegar and then trying to dissolve them properly. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and carefully spray over the weeds avoiding vegetation.

5. Chopping their heads off

Another effective tactic to get rid of weeds is to chop their heads off. This will ensure that reseeding is halted and they run out of their supply of root buds. This way they will get weakened and ultimately use up all their food reserves. For chopping them, you will need pruning loppers.

6. Using Weed Scorcher

You can easily get a propane-powered weed scorcher from any gardening store and then you have to run the hot flame over the weeds. This will result in the weeds losing their internal moisture and shriveling up. They will then ultimately die in a week or so.

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